Come have fun playing football with Stoodo! Usually we play on Thursdays at 20:00 on campus :) Click the link button to chat with the participants. All details about the sportive meeting are in the description of the chat.
Join our Stoodo team's fun training ! We usually play campus. Click the link button to chat with the participants and know the details of the sportive meeting.
Come on Fridays at 18:00 for a stretching session in Parc Paul Mistral with the lovely and friendly coach Elena. Click the link button to join the chat of participants and know the exact location in the park. This will be a very relaxing way of finishing this hot week, under the trees ♧♤
Parc Paul Mistral
This place in the center of Grenoble where you always find a cold place on the second floor to work or drink coffee and eat croissants with your friends. If you show STOODO promo code (button below) to them they will give you 10% discount card that you can apply to any Croissanterie even in Paris.
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9 Rue de la République
Are you learning French at a more advanced level? Would you love to challenge it through theater? Come get involved in Stoodo's summer play. Show your interest this week by joining the WhatsApp chat (link below) We will set the dates with all potential participants before weekend.
Beginner or advanced, come practice your French this Thursday at 17:30! We'll speak french, you'll get corrections and listening practice. Bring any questions you have, any text you want corrections on, any ideas you have to progress with us in the future. To join, click link to the chat below :)
One of the most famous landmark of Isère region where the French Revolution began. Magnificent landscape, park and the Vizille chateau will make you think you are in a Disney fairytale and Musée de la révolution Française will tell you a lot of stories. Take bus number 23 from campus to get there.
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