Taking bus T92, you can stop at Monteynard or Notre-Dame de Commiers. There after a short walk you can follow old railways, impressive tunnels and open views of the turquoise lake underneath. Follow the link button to see more info about a bus. It’s 4€ one way ticket 👍 It’s no swim area 🏊‍♂️ ⭕️
There is a very cool place where you can fix your bike free just bought once a half year subscription for 5€. There you can find some old bikes from 15 to 30€ as well. You can consult with a master there if you have questions about bikes 🚴 They work on Monday and Tuesday only from 5pm to 8pm.
Un p'tit vélo dans la tête
If you don't have Tag card or you forgot your wallet at home and you have nothing to pay for the fare, then this is not a reason to get a fine. You can send an sms ’1H’ to 93123. In return sms you will be sent a ticket, valid for an hour, including Ter and Transisère...
If you have the CAF you can pay 2,5€ per month for Tag card. If you are more than 25 you just show the number of "quotient familial" from your CAF account. If you are less then you show one more paper about taxes ("dernier avis d'imposition"). You need just to come to Tag office (location below)
Agence de Mobilité TAG Centre
You can save on travelling to Marseille, Paris, Montpellier etc by taking Oui.go trains. Choose the nearest departure station (for Grenoble it’s Lyon) and take train tickets for 10€. It’s easy and fast!
You can rent a bike paying 16 Euros for trimester. If you are more than 25 you just show the number of "quotient familial" from your CAF account. If you are less then you show one more paper about taxes ("dernier avis d'imposition"). Choose "Tarif Solidaire" when you book a bike.
This app will help you to spend less money on food and help shops and bakeries with not throwing away the food they haven’t sold today.
Prices are comparable to online marketplaces; sometimes even cheaper. E.g. a good condition pair of skis is 50 euros. The condition of the clothes is good (most of it is barely used) with great variety. The owner is super nice and is willing to negotiate the price.
1 Rue du Mont Aiguille
One more app for saving the world from food waste and saving your pocket from spending too much on bakery products. You just pay 3-4€ for to the nearest bakery by this app and get many products from them. I advise you know the bakery you want to visit before you make an order there.
Spécial tarifs for students for 5.5€ at Vence Scene in St Egreve, there are movies in original languages. It’s quite far from campus but perfect if you live nearby.
St Egreve
There is a very cheap way to travel trough the UK by Megabus. I traveled from Edinburgh to London for 15 Pounds!
Special tarif for students at Cinèma Le Méliès / 6,50 euros. You need to have your student card with you.
Cinemale Melies
Pharmacie Lachcar has a lot of discounts and cheap French cosmetics!
Parapharmacie Lachcar
There is a restaurant in IKEA where you can eat a small breakfast for 1 Euro. It consist of coffee and buns with chocolate. You can also take vegan meatballs there with the discount to save the world.
Grenoble IKEA
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