Do you know that Grenoble is not only capital of Alpes but also capital of Street art! So here you can find a map with all graffities. Follow the button link in the right down corner.
Beginner or advanced, come practice your French this Thursday at 17:30! We'll speak french, you'll get corrections and listening practice. Bring any questions you have, any text you want corrections on, any ideas you have to progress with us in the future. To join, click link to the chat below :)
One of the most famous landmark of Isère region where the French Revolution began. Magnificent landscape, park and the Vizille chateau will make you think you are in a Disney fairytale and Musée de la révolution Française will tell you a lot of stories. Take bus number 23 from campus to get there.
It has been raining in Grenoble for the last few days and this is a great opportunity to visit museums. Stoodo offers you to settle in the Archaeological Museum (admission is free). In the crypts you can see the walls of the old city, bones and even ghosts 👻
Musée archéologique
Here you can see different modern art exhibitions and permanent exposition that consists of different periods starting from renaissance and ending by modernists. There are pictures of Claude Monet and other impressionists. It's free for all who are less than 25.
Musée de Grenoble
There is a very cool exhibition where you can see modern arts from Street Art Fest and even try to tag an electro wall using special dusters for graffiti. View more info using link and location buttons below.
Musée de Peinture
If you want to rent a board game, everything for hiking, camping and other sports, you should go to this library. There you can rent a tent and even a raclette machine. Check their site by link button and location by location button.
Charming museum and house of a French painter Ernest Hébert. Here you can enjoy the paintings of 19th century, take a look at the vintage interiors and spend some time outside in a magnificent jardin with blossoming trees and flowers (instagrammability approved).
La Tronche
Discover a nice hidden place in the city center - a yard with a chilly sun-beds, English library to borrow foreign books and take language classes! Check out the place by location button below. Also leave the link to library association below.
Foyer résidence
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