There is a very cool place where you can fix your bike free just bought once a half year subscription for 5€. There you can find some old bikes from 15 to 30€ as well. You can consult with a master there if you have questions about bikes 🚴 They work on Monday and Tuesday only from 5pm to 8pm.
Un p'tit vélo dans la tête
You can collect unsold food from the week at the Sénevé Café, every Friday in May. Come any time 9h-12h/14h-18h
Sénevé Café Cowork
Sometimes you can save for a bus to Geneva airport by getting a ticket to Geneva city center. Look on schedule and if the bus stopes in airport before city then you can go out earlier. I got FLIXBUS ticket to Geneva for 15€ instead of 20€ to airport 😇
You can rent a bike paying 16 Euros for trimester. If you are more than 25 you just show the number of "quotient familial" from your CAF account. If you are less then you show one more paper about taxes ("dernier avis d'imposition"). Choose "Tarif Solidaire" when you book a bike.
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