If you want to rent a board game, everything for hiking, camping and other sports, you should go to this library. There you can rent a tent and even a raclette machine. Check their site by link button and location by location button.
There is a very cool lake nearby where you can swim in hot days like today! Follow the link of location in the left button part of the card to get the small beach there. It's 15 min by bike from the campus.
Lac Taillat
If you need an iPad for school, you can borrow one from the university library for a week. In fact, you can extend it for every week. You can also take a laptop there for one day, but, you can't leave the library with it. Just ask at the reception for it and it's done! Better check Droit library.
Bibliothèque universitaire
Génération Précarité organizes food distributions often. It's organization that helps student with the first needs. You can press link button to visit their site, follow their insta or fb and turn on notifications not to miss next food distribution.
If you study in France and have financial troubles you can have a help from CROUS. You just need to take a "rendez-vous" in social service to tell about your problems. They can help you giving money for living and/or giving you money for crous restaurants. They help all students regardless nation!
Service Social
There are many sports events organized by the UGA university for students! You can go to the site and look what sport you can attend today for free. You also have boardgames, cinema, drawing there!
If you want to go to some cultural events for free you can reserve it on the Billetterie Grenoble. There are cool events like going to theater or museums with organized groups not only in Grenoble.
Students can get the u-glisse card for discounts on skiing for several cool Alpes resorts near Grenoble. You buy this card for 25 euros for the whole season and then pay 14€ for daily Les Deux Alpes skipass instead of 50 without it. The link button give you more info about it.
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