Do you know that Grenoble is not only capital of Alpes but also capital of Street art! So here you can find a map with all graffities. Follow the button link in the right down corner.
Taking bus T92, you can stop at Monteynard or Notre-Dame de Commiers. There after a short walk you can follow old railways, impressive tunnels and open views of the turquoise lake underneath. Follow the link button to see more info about a bus. It’s 4€ one way ticket 👍 It’s no swim area 🏊‍♂️ ⭕️
If you don't have Tag card or you forgot your wallet at home and you have nothing to pay for the fare, then this is not a reason to get a fine. You can send an sms ’1H’ to 93123. In return sms you will be sent a ticket, valid for an hour, including Ter and Transisère...
If you have the CAF you can pay 2,5€ per month for Tag card. If you are more than 25 you just show the number of "quotient familial" from your CAF account. If you are less then you show one more paper about taxes ("dernier avis d'imposition"). You need just to come to Tag office (location below)
Agence de Mobilité TAG Centre
Sometimes you can save for a bus to Geneva airport by getting a ticket to Geneva city center. Look on schedule and if the bus stopes in airport before city then you can go out earlier. I got FLIXBUS ticket to Geneva for 15€ instead of 20€ to airport 😇
You can save on travelling to Marseille, Paris, Montpellier etc by taking Oui.go trains. Choose the nearest departure station (for Grenoble it’s Lyon) and take train tickets for 10€. It’s easy and fast!
You can have a good excursion around Lyon for free. It works only on tips. I liked this guide, he told me a lot of interesting things about Lyon. It's better to book a tour in advance.
Use the DB Navigator App (German railway) to book train tickets for the Swiss railway. Just choose a destination in Germany so that the connection passes through Switzerland. Example: Geneva-Stuttgart (via Bern, Zurich or Basel) for 30€ instead of 100€ using the Swiss railway app/website.
There is a very cheap way to travel trough the UK by Megabus. I traveled from Edinburgh to London for 15 Pounds!
You can buy seven25 card and travel for free after 7 pm. It costs 39 Franks per month or 390 per year. If you don’t have SwissPass then go to any ticket office in Switzerland and ask an assistant.
Geneva SBB
Things that save a decent amount are the SNCF jeune advantage card for even a small number of trips.
If you are a student, you can register on site Student beans and generate promo code for -10%, but one promo code per 1h. Follow the link button below to check it on the Studentbeans website!
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