We know what you love! Pint of beer 5€ Glass of wine 4€ Ricard 2€ Vodka-red bull 5€ Rum ananas 5€ Tequila sunrise 6€ Cosmopolitan 6€ Pinacolada 6€ Shots 2€
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16 Place Notre Dame, Grenoble
Do you like hot Latin music and cocktails? From 19:00 - 23:00 you can eat the national Latin food, and after 23:00 starts the heat which you will 100% succumb ... With a promo code you can get discounts on certain cocktails, beers and all kinds of shots!
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58 Rue Thiers, 38000 Grenoble
You should definitely stop by our favorite DADI Wag and try their delicious fries with cheese sauce, burger, a huge number of drinks, etc. Specially for STOODO subscribers, there is a 10% discount on all or 15% on all types of menus when presenting your student card.
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25 Rue Berthe de Boissieux
The building itself, which houses the Dauphiné Museum, is worth a close look - a medieval monastery with well-preserved antiquities. In the museum you can view temporary exhibitions.
30 Rue Maurice Gignoux
Do not know where you can drink delicious tea? Visit our partners at au bar à thé as they have a huge selection of different teas, both hot and cold. Specially for STOODO subscribers, there is a 20% discount on everything!
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3 Rue Pierre Duclot
There is an incredible lake near Corps town. It’s 1,5h by T90/T91 bus from Grenoble. The bus stop is at Place Napoleon and it will take you 20 minutes to walk to the lake. Price : €6 one way - buy a bus ticket with cash from driver
It has been raining in Grenoble for the last few days and this is a great opportunity to visit museums. Stoodo offers you to settle in the Archaeological Museum (admission is free). In the crypts you can see the walls of the old city, bones and even ghosts 👻
Musée archéologique
Here you can see different modern art exhibitions and permanent exposition that consists of different periods starting from renaissance and ending by modernists. There are pictures of Claude Monet and other impressionists. It's free for all who are less than 25.
Musée de Grenoble
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